Friday, August 29, 2008

Video Potpourri

Cora was so inspired by Phelps' performance in the Olympics, she just had to get in on the swimming action!

Next up we see that just like the song says, waking up is hard to do. (What do you mean that's not what the lyrics say? Bah!)

And lastly, you might need the volume up a little on this one. Aren't babies so nice and peaceful when they sleep?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lounging around, having a bite to eat!

Another couple albums up for you. First off is Lounging Around, which features our favorite little cutie in a variety of relaxed situations--recliner, bath time, escaping from her swaddler. Good fun.

Next on the docket is First Food, commemorating the special day on Friday when we finally introduced Coraline to some pseudo-solid food (rice cereal with formula to be specific.) In a special bonus, here's some video of her reaction as well.

I think her expression at the end of the video makes plain how she felt about this whole "not drinking all my sustenance" thing.

Don't worry, she'll get the idea eventually. We've added a bit of apple-sauce to the mix the next couple times, and that seems to smooth things over substantially.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Even more pictures

Two new albums tonight. Assorted cuteness is just that--bunches of shots of our little cutie, including some of my favorites where I was teaching her to program. She was frowning at my shoddy client-side scripting. Kids these days...

Next is a couple new looks we were trying on for Cora: goth and wild baby. Seriously, can't I take my daughter to the company picnic without her getting tattooed?

Amber took a bunch of pictures on her recent trip up to Montana. We'll try to get those up soon... maybe even with some video.