Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Update and a Video Backlog

Before rolling to the photos and videos I've finally managed to eek out time for, I thought I'd give some updates on our favorite little girl.

Coraline has been growing like a weed (in a good sense, not the "choking out all competing life" way... hmm, actually). She's six months old now, and weighs in at 18 pounds! We've got friends with kids over a year that aren't that big. Quite a change from the fifth percentile she was in early on.

This month has seen a dramatic increase in her interest in the world around her. Amber got a walker from the second-hand store a while back, and that was the best thing ever. Cora is finally getting to where we can set her in that for 15-30 minutes at a stretch (sometimes), and she'll happily go with it. A big component there is that she's discovered toys. Oh yes, she is no longer a stranger to the joys of Duckie, Ellie the elephant, Herr Mutt or plenty of other bright colored plastic friends. It's been amazing to watch that change--like a little light going on in her head that "Hey, what are these? They're fun. I want more!"

She rolling over very proficiently, and even okay with spending some time on her belly. She hasn't figured out yet that if she just got her knees under her she could crawl to that toy that's just out of reach, but it can't be far off. Even without the full crawling, she's started inching around. Just last night we put her on a broad floor pad we got from Ikea, and while we weren't looking she managed to scoot off the edge of it. I'm excited and scared at the same time.

Anyway, with that said, I've posted two new photo albums, More Friends and Family and Fashion Plate. First one is self-explanatory. Fashion Plate is all about catching Cora in our favorite outfits before she outgrows them, the little stinker!

And last but certainly not least, here are some video clips for your enjoyment. I really ought to look into getting something to edit the videos, but hey, it's been a month since I downloaded stuff from the camera. I'm just glad I got anything done!

Cora in her bouncy seat, now retired since she's too big!

I can't believe she's talking back to Aunt Sarah already!

Here she is, dancing away on the changing table

Coraline finds her voice

Long clip of Coraline waking up. Unlike her parents, she's a morning girl, always greeting us with a huge smile when we come into the nursery.

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Sarah said...

Way,way cute! I can tell you're kinda fond of your little wonder.