Friday, May 29, 2009

Pool and Jammie Time

I am up in Montana visiting family who have a computer in the main space of the house so I can watch Cora and still futz on the pooter.  So....I thought that I would take the time to update my blog a bit.  Tomorrow I will try to get some pics together from our trip to Wenatchee, WA.  Our friend Krista Herling took some amazing photos of our family (at least I really, really like them...).

First off is a cute picture of Cora eating apples before bed at our house, followed by a video of her first experience in our "family pool".  Hope you all enjoy!

The parts of this video that I like best are when Cora looks straight at me with that "how could you?"  look, and then just at the end when I suggest that Jason get in with her.  He got cut off so you don't hear him saying "heck no, it's cold in there"...I mean what kind of parents are we?! Whatever -- she survived, but she still doesn't like cool pool water....  It wasn't that the water was so cold (just not warm), but it was late in the day so it was cool and breezy outside and she was probably a bit on the tired side.  But dang it, that pool had been sitting out there all day warming up and crying out for appreciation... I just couldn't let it go to waste!

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