Thursday, January 31, 2008

Personal freakisms

So my sister called the day after my last post. I saw her name on caller ID and the conversation went something like this:


M: Hey Sis!

S: You are such a FREAK!! (laughing)

M: (laughing) Well, yeah, but what exactly are you referring to in this particular case?

Of course she was referring to the fact that I had such evolved and deep-rooted opinions about something as (perhaps from the outside) mundane and absurd as a breakfast sandwich. So much to the degree that I would write a huge blog entry about it; though isn't airing such opinions part of the point of starting a blog? Nonetheless, she is probably right:

I am a freak. You only need to get inside my head and you will know that she is right.

This particular scenario, however, highlights a belief which I have long held:

We are all freaks.

Each in our own special way.

Think about it:

What do you dream about? Do you dream that you are a lemming running towards the edge of a cliff while wearing a pink and green tutu?

What are the things that make you laugh when you are alone? Stepping on your pant leg and tripping into a wall in your own home and knocking yourself silly?

What do you daydream about? Taking such a warm, relaxing shower that you melt and get sucked down the drain?

Where does your rage go? Do you secretly imagine yourself ramming the erratic driver in front of you who is blocking your lane by driving under the speed limit with their head and hand fused by a cell phone?

What makes you secretly laugh at other people? Is it the professor who taught a whole evening of class with his shirt obviously tucked into his tighty-whiteys and the band sticking up higher than his pants waistband?

What totally wigs you out? Overgrown, dirty, nasty, and/or bitten fingernails and the thought that they might actually touch you?

What gave you years of nightmares as a kid? The thought of bugs in your ears a la Star Trek: Wrath of Khan?

What do you do while you are alone that you know would make someone else snicker? Do you dance and sing show tunes and made-up songs for your dogs?

We all have the secret lives of our mind and alone-ness where fact grows alongside fiction, running rampant in the fertile fields of our imaginations. Some of us just may indulge our imagination a little more than others. But this, I think, is part and parcel of what makes us beautiful individuals....and freaks.

Society couldn't (perhaps) handle all of our inner freakisms, nor perhaps could we handle exposing our freakishness to others. To do so would make us vulnerable in the most intense sense of the word. I would put forth, however, that it is the individuals (like me) who proudly vent a little of our inner freaks (and perhaps rant a little about our passion for breakfast sandwiches), that help make the internet and the world a more interesting place.

So. Wave those freak flags a little higher, folks, and see where your imagination takes you today.


Jason R. Clark said...

Spot on babe! It's a good thing us freaks ended up together, huh :)

Krista said...

*snicker* and I know exactly why you put all those things! I had to laugh at the whitey tighteys! I have a story to tell you about them.
Oh, and remind me there's something Brian wants you to know about the minty shower gel in your shower... :P

Allison said...

Amber, I'm glad to know there's another blogger out there that would rather write than post pictures. And thanks for making me laugh and giving me a little window into your (freakish) soul. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ahh, my dear sister, you are one of my favorite freaks! I'm proud to have been an important part of your development in freakdom. :) Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and you can come make me a breakfast sandwich any day!