Friday, April 4, 2008

Day 2 at home

Yesterday we finally got to come home from the hospital, roughly six days after we initially went in. Whew, things didn't quite go as planned, but still we came away with a positive experience. The nursing care was exceptional, the labor was hard but not as bad as Amber anticipated, and the C-section that we needed to do at the end wasn't that big of a deal despite my oft-present queasiness.

But now the real fun begins--acclimating to life at home. After several days in the hospital, we'd gotten into a bit of a routine. Amber knew where in the room she could feed most easily, she at least could get room service with a phone call, and there were nurses around all the time to answer questions.

Home provides a whole new learning curve, and I've got to say we're tired. Amber especially, since she's still recovering from major abdominal surgery (why doesn't a C-section seem like major surgery sometimes? It really is!)

Coraline for her part has continued to be pretty fantastic. She rests for several hours at a time regularly--we've had to wake her up for feedings rather than the other way around. Last night she decided that the midnight to 2:30am shift was a great time to fuss, but I've gotten several blocks of > 2 hr. sleep so I'm not complaining.

Hugh and Susan are both here through Sunday, and it's been fun to watch them grand-parenting with Coraline. It's been a blessing to have family and friends around us. I don't know how people do this without that type of support.

Anyway, it's getting to bed-time, so I'm off. Maybe more pictures tomorrow... we'll see what we can do.

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