Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cora says...

It's been a big month for Cora with lots of new developments (isn't it always when they're this young?)

First up, mobility. Although she isn't crawling, Cora is getting awfully close. She can get up on her knees from her belly by herself, and will rock as though she's just about ready to take a crawl. She can also scoot around, backward, when on her tummy. We had a great incident when we stepped away for a moment while she was down on her floor mat, came back a minute later, and she was several feet away almost underneath the TV cabinet. Sneaky.

And as to the post title, she's also been getting a lot more vocal. The past day or two is the shriek, which isn't all that endearing after the tenth or twelfth, but before that came the "ba" noises. Obviously babies make noise from very early on, but the "ba" is the first sound where she's enunciating like she's trying to actually talk. She'll also do it in response to us pretty often if we make similar noises back. Before we know it, she'll be talking our ear off!

So without any further ado, I give you video of the very "ba" Coraline Clark:


Krista said...

Oh yes, very "ba"! Cory says "baby" and laughs!

Sarah said...

Dear Cora,

Ba ba ba babababa. Ba ba ba bababa ba ba BABA!!

Love, John

(translation: See you soon. I'll coach you up on crawlin' when you get here, it's a BLAST!)