Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fun with Daddy

We have this stuffed greyhound doll that Jodie gave to us when we started trying to get pregs.  Cora has just recently been interested in stuffed animals....playing with them and sucking on their limbs and faces.  

So this morning  the greyhound was in the corner of Cora's crib and she started playing with it.  Jason comes into the room and starts playing with Cora and the greyhound.  Desiring to give an "accurate representation" of what greyhounds do since we have two real ones, he began to gallop the greyhound around her crib, made whining noises, "licked" her face.  Then here's the kicker -- he next proceeded to bend the greyhound over until it was licking its butt.  Yay accuracy.  Now all he needed to do was to have the dog lick Cora again.

I love my husband.


Krista said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Love it! You guys are crazy! ;)

Sarah said...

Silly daddy!